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Vision : To facilitate formation of just and equitable society through developing a symbiotic relation between human and its surrounding eco system. Mission : Social and economic empowerment of society through sustainable development by facilitating, strengthening and incentivise community based organization. Strategy: Identify and develop sustainable community based initiative through networking with various stakeholders and knowledge sharing.

महेक की जुबानी: कैरी का अचार,एक महिला की अनकही कहानी

डॉ. मयूर जोशी

आज महेक मिर्ज़ा प्रभु की छोटी सी कहानी कैरी का अचार का वीडियो देखते देखते मनमें कई सारी कहानियाँ आयने की तरह घूमने लगी है | सिर्फ ३ मिनिट और ३५ सेकंड चलने वाले ईस वीडियोने कई महिला की कहानी मेरे जेहनमें आ गई| एकदम सरलता से कही गई कहानी स्त्री के जीवन के सत्य को उजागर करता है|

उदगम ट्रस्टने २०१० में आंतरराष्ट्रीय महिला दिवस के उपलक्ष्यमें पहली बार गांधीनगरमें महिलाओ को सम्मानित करने की शरू किया और ९ साल के ईस सफर में अब तक २१० महिलाओको सम्मानित किया पर शायद ५०० से ज्यादा महिलाओ के संघर्ष की कहानी पता चली| हर वर्ष एवॉर्डी महिला की संघर्ष की कहानी सुन कर आँखे भर जाती है| सिर्फ नारी को सम्मान देने की बात से आज उनके संघर्ष को मंच अदभुत लगता है|

कैरी का अचार की कहानी की तरह महिला अपना मायका छोड़ कर ससुराल आती है तब उसी तरह अपने आप को ढलते हुए अपने निजी जीवनमें भोत बदलाव करती है| उन्हें इतनी फुर्सत ही नहीं मिल पाती कि वे अपने लिए कुछ सोच पाये। केरी के आकर और कलर अनुसार जब भी हम कोई लड़की शादी के लिए ढूंढते है तब रंग-रूप, परिवार अच्छा होना चाहिए, जिस पर दाग न लगा हो, गुणी होनी चाहिए, वगरैह, वगरैह| कहानी सुन कर लगता है की क्या आज भी हम वही सदियों पुराणी परमपरा में जीवित है|

कहानी सुनते सुनते कुछ समय पहली एक उच्च पद पर आसीन अधिकारी की पत्नी का वाक्य याद आ गया, जो हर बार मेरे पास आकर अपनी घुटन की कहानी सूना कर रोती थी| मेरे सुझाव पर आज वो अपना मनचाहा काम और भरतनाट्यम शिख रही है | पहले खुद बच्ची, फिर शादी, फिर बच्चे, उनकी पढ़ाई, उनका करियर आदि-आदि। मुझे लगता है की सामाजिक व्यवस्था ने औरत को परतंत्र बना दिया है| हम समाजवयवस्था को बदल नहीं सकते पर ज़िन्दगी के एक हिस्से को मुक्त कर दें। उसे उस हिस्से से जुड़े निर्णय स्वयं लेने दें शायद कैरी का अचार बनाने से मुक्ति मिल जाए|


‘With Journalism, I have just been fulfilling my dream since the last 15 years.’ AajTak Journalist Gopi Maniar opens up about her career after being felicitated at the Udgam Women’s Achiever Award

A Women Journalist whose spent one & half decades working for India Today Group’s Hindi News Channel Aaj Tak, Gopi Maniar, was felicitated with Udgam Women’s Achiever Award 2017 for her prolific contribution in the field of Broadcast Journalism.

In a field where only few women go the distance, Gopi Maniar has slowly & gradually climbed the steps of success to become the Bureau Chief Of Gujarat Division for Aaj Tak.  From 2002 Gujarat Riots to Asaram Bapu Scandal to DG Vanzara- Israt Jahan case, Gujarat Elections 2012 & many more, Gopi Maniar has been a part of covering stories which have made national news.

As we get talking to her after she receives her coveted award, Gopi Maniar opens up about her journey, the kind of challenges she faced, the work that has been most dear to her & more…


Journalism is a profession which girls usually don’t prefer. What was your motivation behind taking it up as a Career choice?

Yes true. People usually think that Journalism is a field which is not meant for Women because of the high demands of the profession. Journalism is a 24/7 Job, more so Mainline Journalism. In case of any event, I have to go on the field and cover the story myself. Whereas in Print Media, you can gather information from your sources & put it in the papers the next day. In TV journalism, you might be out of your home for days at a go to cover a particular story. You might just get a call at 12 in the night about a major event & you’re on the move. So girls do prefer Journalism before marriage, but post-marriage, most of the times they tend to change their field. As for me, Journalism has always been a dream job for me. So I suppose I am just fulfilling my dream with AajTak since the last 15years & hopefully many more to come.

You have been working in this field for the last 15 years. We are sure it wouldn’t have been a smooth sail always. Can you talk about the challenges that you have faced in your long & successful career, especially as a Woman Journalist?

See, there isn’t any different set of challenges for Men & Women in Journalism. It’s true that TV Journalism is more male oriented, but as you keep working & exploring the field, things start working your way. If you’re talking about challenges in terms of family pressure for a Woman Journalist, well, I have got a very supportive family. Not only my parents, but even my in-laws have been so supportive that even if  I am not at home for 3/4 days due to work, I know my little children are being looked after & there isn’t a need to worry.

You’ve covered numerous stories over the years. Is there a particular story that was Career defining for you?

2002 Gujarat Riots is when I started my career in Journalism. Even today, just a thought of those riots can give us goose bumps. Imagine that being my first outing in professional journalism! But the turning point in my journalistic career was the Asaram bapu Scandal where Abhishek & Dipesh Vaghela, 8 & 9 years old students in his ashram, were found dead on the Sabarmati riverbed. I was personally covering that story & was a part of the ill-treatment meted out to the media, where journalists & camerapersons were beaten up & their cameras broken down. I also got a beating by Asaram Bapu’s gundas or devotees, whatever you may call it. But I was proud to present the facts to the public & show the blind followers of Asaram Bapu that this man is not a saint, but a black spot in the name of spirituality. This case was an eye-opener for many & I consider this as a major achievement in my career. Till date, if the stories covered by me have made even a minor change in someone’s life or it has benefited them in any way, I find immense satisfaction out of it.

Finally, if you could leave a message for the independent & Aspirational Women of today, what would that be?

My only message would be “Karam karte jaiye, fal apne aap milega”!

With Dr. Mayur Joshi

By Sankalp Sharma

We spoke to Dr. Mayur Joshi, the Founder and the Chairman of Udgam Trust. Dr. Mayur Joshi has had an illustrious career in the field of social work for the last 19 years. He has also been awarded on numerous occasions by various organisations on a national and international scale. He received the Universal Humanity Award and awards from the United Nations Organisation in the year 2006 and 2008.

Dr. Joshi comes from a family of dedicated family of social workers. His grandfather was the first doctor in India to treat Dalits and lower caste patients in his clinic Continue reading With Dr. Mayur Joshi

Interaction with Mrs Amee Shah

By Sankalp Sharma

We spoke to Mrs Amee Shah, who has done remarkable work in the field of social sector. She was awarded the Women’s Achievers Award by Udgam for taking that extra leap in the social sector. From awareness programs to field work, she has done it all.

Her role model is her father who always inspired and motivated her to move ahead in her life. She said that the initiative by Udgam to felicitate women who have gone out of the four walls of the home and worked towards their passion for the betterment of the society was a noble one. She also said that Udgam is an organisation that has come out of sheer hard work and has worked its way up.

She laid stress on the fact that a woman should be confident, strong and independent. These are qualities that would help her when she is facing obstacles in her journey. The role of the people around her should not be ignored as well. They need to be the pillars of strength that would guide the woman in the right direction with sufficient drive to accomplish big things in life.

We wish Mrs Amee Shah all the best in her future endeavours.