With Dr. Mayur Joshi

By Sankalp Sharma

We spoke to Dr. Mayur Joshi, the Founder and the Chairman of Udgam Trust. Dr. Mayur Joshi has had an illustrious career in the field of social work for the last 19 years. He has also been awarded on numerous occasions by various organisations on a national and international scale. He received the Universal Humanity Award and awards from the United Nations Organisation in the year 2006 and 2008.

Dr. Joshi comes from a family of dedicated family of social workers. His grandfather was the first doctor in India to treat Dalits and lower caste patients in his clinic. Repeated opposition from the upper caste fraternity did not deter him from treating them. That legacy was continued by his father who has fought for human rights with extreme dedication and hard work. It comes as no surprise, therefore, when Dr. Joshi’s role models were his grandfather and father.

Year on year, Dr. Joshi and his team identify women who are doing outstanding work in their respective fields and award them. His initiative is focused on celebrating the unsung heroes. It is a lot of hard work, he says, but is worth every minute of it. The roadmap ahead, he says is the study of psychology of women in further depth to avoid instances of stress induced psychological disorders like depression especially among those women who do not work and stay at home.

Dr. Joshi has been suffering from severe spine problem which has limited his mobility but not his work. On being asked that what is it that keeps him going, “The smile at the end of it all” came the reply. He said that when he goes to schools to organise events and when children crowd around him and talk to him, that interaction is enough to overcome the personal pain and keep going. Dr. Joshi says that one must put in so much joy in the journey itself that one starts to enjoy it.

Apart from the sector of gender equality and women empowerment, Dr. Joshi has been a champion to fight for the right to education of the less privileged. He also embraced the Swachh Bharat Campaign with full zeal. He also stresses that youth play a very important role in the growth and development of a country and hence focuses his efforts in the mobilisation of youth towards development.

Dr. Mayur Joshi is an inspiration and source of motivation for us all. Facing personal adversities with courage and not letting it come in the way of his work proves what an outstanding professional he is. We wish Dr. Mayur Joshi and Udgam all the best for the future and may the Almighty give him the strength to continue serving the society and spread happiness.


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