An Interaction with Mrs Manisha Tripathy

By Sankalp Sharma

Mrs Manisha Tripathy is an acclaimed and accomplished swimmer, who has both participated and won at most levels of competition. She recently won medals in the khel Mahakumbh and swam in the ocean in Mumbai. She was awarded the Udgam’s Women’s Achievers Award in the category of sports. She feels strongly about the good work and the inspiring campaigns carried out at Udgam. We had a chance to speak to her.

Mrs Manisha’s sole source of inspiration was her mother , who was a National level swimmer. She ingrained in Mrs Manisha the merits of having a healthy body and the role of swimming in the same. She stressed how swimming is a total body exercise from head to toe. It is the ultimate fat burning exercise and burns a lot of calories in very little time. She claims that one deserves to intake calories only if one does enough physical activity to burn them. With the present generation being an indoor generation, she is deeply concerned with the future state of health among the youth. She reiterates that sports and studies go hand in hand. She says that a woman must first choose a sport to narrow down her field of expertise and then work hard to excel in it.

We congratulate Mrs Manisha and hope that she continues to be successful in her chosen field of swimming.


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