Interaction with Mrs Amee Shah

By Sankalp Sharma

We spoke to Mrs Amee Shah, who has done remarkable work in the field of social sector. She was awarded the Women’s Achievers Award by Udgam for taking that extra leap in the social sector. From awareness programs to field work, she has done it all.

Her role model is her father who always inspired and motivated her to move ahead in her life. She said that the initiative by Udgam to felicitate women who have gone out of the four walls of the home and worked towards their passion for the betterment of the society was a noble one. She also said that Udgam is an organisation that has come out of sheer hard work and has worked its way up.

She laid stress on the fact that a woman should be confident, strong and independent. These are qualities that would help her when she is facing obstacles in her journey. The role of the people around her should not be ignored as well. They need to be the pillars of strength that would guide the woman in the right direction with sufficient drive to accomplish big things in life.

We wish Mrs Amee Shah all the best in her future endeavours.


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