The Story of the Girl Child

By Sankalp Sharma

She is the reason that we have men,
She is the reason for life on the earth,
She is the bud to every flower, then
Why she is still tortured, then why
Does she still have to struggle to get the right”

The worst feeling in the world, arguably is that of being unwanted. And if that feeling arises from one’s own parents, even before birth, a paradigm shift in the way a society thinks is called for. Right from birth, the girl child faces discrimination, outright rejection and death. Everything from her nutrition to education is secondary. She is considered to be ‘Paraya Dhan’ and no focus is set on developing her as she one day will be married off and sent away.

She is never sent to school, asked to indulge in household mundane work even at a tender age. Adding to the woes, she sees her brother getting preferential treatment right in front of her. As she ventures into the roller-coaster ride of the teenage, she is asked to curb her interaction with all forms male. Friends are restricted, movement is restricted and ultimately freedom is restricted. Not just physical freedom, even mental freedom. She is hardly allowed to speak her mind, express her opinion or take even small decisions in the family. After enduring all this, the girl, who is usually under age is married off.

IMG_4350.JPGThe girl realises that the life she had led until now was actually a luxurious one, as she was at least given with things basic to one’s survival, because the road after marriage is a never ending downhill for her. With oppression from the husband and the in laws for extorting more and more dowry, the pressure of extreme household work pulls her down and shatters all her dreams, is she had any.With kids comes more and more responsibility of the family and this becomes the final nail in the coffin of our unwanted, uneducated, oppressed, discriminated, harassed ‘girl child’.

Is this how we need to treat our females? The ones we claim are our ‘Better Halves’, the ones who have given us the biggest gift ever, that of life. It is now time to reflect and act.


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