The Bystander Effect

By Sankalp Sharma

A rape is committed every 20 minutes in our nation. The high profile cases ie, the ones that are committed against foreigners, or committed in big cities or where bodies are dumped near a police station or an MP’s house come to light. What about the ones that happen everyday? In households, under the veil of Panchayats? No one covers them and sometimes the animosity happens to the extent that the victim is married to the guy, yes that very guy who ruined her life. She now has to spend the rest of her life with THAT man.

Let’s talk about the ones that get covered. What does it mean to cover heinous crimes in our country? It merely translates to Candle Marches, some protests, social activists getting some footage and TRP for News Channels.

Ever wondered what the bystanders do when they see sexual harassment or rape? Nothing. On some occasions, a video is taken. Can the police reach everywhere? Can the best government get the rapes to a complete halt? I think not. But we, the people, are everywhere. If we stand up and fight against such atrocities, these petty criminals will run with their tails ducked in. The fearless attitude with which they commit crimes is unacceptable. The power in numbers is something India is unable to exploit.


Let us stand up and fight. Let us resist. Let us stop the blame game on the government or the officials or the police. Let us do our bit first.



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