Breaking the Gender Stereotypes

By Sankalp Sharma

IMG_4343.JPGOur society has been fixated on ’round’ rotis and household work so much that we have forgotten that about half our population (ie women) are actual human beings with their needs, hopes, aspirations and dreams. The astounding levels of insensitivity displayed by some members of our so called ‘society’ is capable of putting the animal kingdom to shame.

The invisible prison of women is made worse when the one standing standing in the way of a woman is another woman, often her own mother who doesn’t stand up for her daughter’s education in the early budding stages of life.

The fairer sex however has recently started joining the otherwise male dominated workforce, such as Engineering, Field work and have even reached the space. Girls have dominated the Education results department by having a fairly large pass percentage. Women now hold top important positions in leadership, business, politics and sports.

However the tragedy lies in the fact that only a few handful of women get a shot at such opportunities. And even fewer reach the pinnacles of success, thanks to the glass ceiling, an invisible ceiling which prevents women to get into top leadership positions on the virtue of their gender.

The modern urban woman is now equipped with the swords of knowledge and shield of equality to work for them, however the poor women are still down and out. They need to be picked up, preferably by their richer and more knowledgeable women counterpart to break through the gender stereotype and express extreme willpower to overthrow the evils of the society and lead a fulfilling life.


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