Celebrating Sport’s Day With the Children!

By Sankalp Sharma


Udgam celebrated Sport’s Day on 20th February in the Government Primary School, Sec-30, Gandhinagar. It was a day filled with a variety of emotions among children and us. Happiness, excitement, enthusiasm, exhilaration, anxiety and many nail-biting moments turned this day into an amazing roller coaster ride. As they say, ‘All is well that ends well’. After some heroic performances by the children and show of extreme sportsmanship, the Sport’s Day concluded on a good note.

IMG_4325.JPGThe day was planned well in advance by Udgam and the School Administration and events, prizes were all arranged for. Being a Saturday, it was a half day for the students and the event was held from 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM. The first event was the ‘musical chairs’. We played the tambourine to start and stop the process. This was welcomed very well by the children who shouted excitedly when the announcement was made. Though it is majorly a game of chance, we saw that some children were running very tactfully which helped them sail round after round. In the end, 3 girls made it to the final 3. Due to the sudden death nature of the game, it had a lot of exciting moments. The next event was the sack race, where theIMG_4366.JPG children put the lower half of their body in a sack and hustled to the finish line. We saw many fall and many rise back up and run and win. It was an encouraging experience which taught us to not get botched down because of failures and rise up to give our best and ultimately succeed.

The Spoon and Lemon race for the younger ones was a hit with the younger students who participated in large numbers. But ultimately the one with the most balanced and stable posture coupled with an appropriate speed took the glory. Some of the children actually prepared for this event by choosing the most stable, flat bottomed lemon, which showed how smart and driven the children these days are.

IMG_4428.JPGAnother game that provided the much needed comic relief was ‘The hidden chocolate’ , where a toffee was hidden in a plate of wheat dough and the children had to find out the toffee and come back to the starting point. But there was a catch, you were not allowed to use hands. Only way to do it was to  navigate your mouth in the plate resulting in ‘white’ faces and a lot of chuckles from the children.

However, easily the most popular event was the ‘Running Race’ both for boys and girls, where there was a lot of cheering for one’s friends. Everyone had a favourite and cheered for them throughout. The entire ground was filled with these cheers and literally the faces of all children were lit up. We saw the competitive the students were and this is a positive indication for their futures too considering the fact that the life ahead is filled with thorns of competitions.

This was the last event and we headed to the ‘Prize Distribution; ceremony where all the winners and the Runners-up were given prizes by Dr. Mayur Joshi, the teachers and the Principal ma’am of the school. The children were exhausted but their enthusiasm didn’t fade out as they cheered and clapped for each of the prize. Udgam also gave prizes to all the children of the school for being an amazing audience.IMG_4394

After the prize distribution ceremony, we spent some time playing cricket with the students. Some of them even showed us extreme gymnastics by doing cartwheels. A lot of these children play well and have a good potential in the fields of sports. All they need is a little push and encouragement from our side. These kids will achieve wonders.

This was a day very well spent. It showed us how happiness is absolute and can be experienced and achieved by anyone in any situation. It is merely a state of mind. Faraway from the worries of careers, families, society live these innocent children who have given us a lot to think about in terms of life and its true meaning. It is rightly said that –

                                      “Children are the purest form of true happiness”

IMG_4301 IMG_4349


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